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Digital Storytelling Assesment Instrument

 3- exceeds 2-meets1-below0-does not meet
OrganizationInformation is well organized, clear, and the way the information is organized in a way that is understandableInformation is somewhat organized, clear and the information still makes sense to the reader Information is not very clear, and is hard for the reader to comprehendInformation is not organized and is not able to be understood by the reader
Research Research can be clearly seen in the presentation and the sources are creditable Research is in the presentation and the sources are somewhat creditableResearch is somewhat in the presentation and the sources are less creditable Research is not there, and the sources are not creditable
WritingWriting is clear and precise with no grammar and spelling errorsWriting is good with only 1-2 grammar or spelling errorsWriting is a bit unclear with 3-4 spelling or grammar errorsWriting is confusing with 5+ grammar and spelling errors 
Media application The video is creative with transitions, sounds and photosThe video is somewhat creative with some transitions, sounds and photosThe video is plain and is lacking transitions, sounds and/or photosThe video is messy with no transitions, sounds and/or photos or all of the above are inappropriate 

I want my students to have fun with this project and I do not want them to be too concerned about the rubric. While rubrics are important when it comes to assessment, I really don’t want them to stress out about this part of the project. Instead, I want the students to focus on the importance of this project. Immigration is important when it comes to the history of America and it is important to understand where we come from. I want my students to have fun discovering their family roots and the situations that brought them to America. Whether that is slavery or the great potato family, everyone has their problems and I want my students to know that their ancestors persevered, and they can too. The categories I choose to assess are chosen for specific reasons. I think organization is important in digital storytelling because otherwise, the project would fall apart. Organization makes things stick together and make sense. All history teachers can attest to how important research is. I want my students to do the best research they can with sources they can trust. Writing is part of what makes up a project and it is important to know how to write for a project. Finally, media application is extremely important as it allows students to explore a new type of project. I never really had a digital storytelling project and have learned a lot about it. I want my students to have the same type of projects that influenced me as I did. Overall, I hope the students can learn a lot from the rubric and do well on their presentations.

Storyboard Script

Storyboard Script:

            Do you ever wonder where you came from Where your ancestors came from and the reason why they came to America? Do you ever wonder about family members who have passed before you were born and what they were like? Their achievements and their failures? That is the reason why I have decided to have a project on immigration so you can find those answers. By looking at me, it is hard to determine where my ancestors came from. I look like every white girl in Ohio and there is not that distinguishes me from another person. When I looked into my ancestor, I was able to find out so much more. For example, I learned that my family immigrated from England to Canada in the early 1700s and it was not until my great grandma that my mom’s side came to settle in America. Her son, my uncle, became the mayor of a town in Michigan and I was able to find his name in one of my history textbooks! My grandmother is German, and her family moved to America and settled down in Indiana. There are some things that are unknown though and that is okay. Sometimes legends are passed down through generations and it is hard to find answers. These legends are still fun as it brings people together. There is a story that 10 Downing Street, where the British Prime Minister lives is named after one of my ancestors. Now whether or not I find any information that confirms that is still up in the air, but it is a mystery that makes me want to figure out more about my family! Let’s see what we can figure out about yours!

Tracing Family Back Through the Roots

The title of this assignment is “Tracing family back through the roots” and it is a family tree project for my 10thgrade, American history classroom. This project will focus on immigration and will be taught during the immigration lesson. I want my students to use any knowledge they have available to find as much information about their family and present it to the class. The class is split evenly of 10 males and 10 females. There are 7 person of color which includes 3 black students, 3 Hispanic and 1 Native American. I want my students to use websites such as to find out the information needed for the project. If a family member immigrated to the United States during the influx of immigration during the early 1900s, I want them to research why their family came and what was happening in their home country to make them leave. This will be able to happen due to the use of iPads that each student has and how they want to digitally present the project is up to them. Programs like PowerPoint, Pixon and WeVideos are good examples of what type of presentations they could do. Digital storytelling fits into this lesson of explaining where our students’ ancestors came from and the circumstances that made them come to America. Then they can all share their research and learn about their classmates ancestorial homes. This will fit into the standard SS11.11 about immigration and how it transformed American life. The most important objective of this is to learn where their ancestors came from. Students will be able to express where they came from and the circumstances that made them leave and to explain how their family integrated into America. 

Digital Storytelling Comic

We had a lot of fun putting this comic about three students using the power of the internet to travel back in time together. We wanted to express that from the articles we read, we saw that students were more motivated and creative when it came to digital storytelling. Overall, I really enjoyed using this website and will definitely use it in the future.

Video Game Project 4

I believe I have made it about halfway through the Zelda game and the difficulty is just picking up. Currently, I am on the fifth boss and have died approximately 15 times from this metal worm. My lack of hand-eye coordination is making things a bit difficult as I am trying to do too many things at once but to no avail. I know what I need to defeat the worm but no matter how many times I have tried, I still end up dying. Fun fact, as I am writing this blog post, I have died a total of 120 times in total which is a bit embarrassing to say the least. This whole game made me think about if I could see this game being played in an educational classroom and I can say both yes and no. When looking at the Squire article, I can safely say that I can classify this game under the learning by doing category. You have to fail time and time again to understand what is working and what is not. I learned that for some of the monsters, my sword does absolutely nothing to damage them and instead, my bow and arrow dishes out damage. I have learned that I needed to use the magical dust given to me by the witch in the very beginning of the game that I completely forgot about to defeat another monster as everything else I have tried had not been effective. This game is very much a “recursive cycle of perceiving and acting, thinking and doing within a game system” (Squire, 22). On the other hand, it is hard for me to see playing this video game in my history classroom. It is a fun game to get your mind off stress, but at the high school age, teachers are no longer teaching about real trial and error and are instead teaching about content. For younger students or students that need more help with problem solving, I think this game is a great choice. Overall, I really enjoyed this assignment and cannot wait to beat the game in its entirely. 

Squire, K. (2006). From Content to Context: Videogames as Designed Experience. Educational Researcher35(8), 19–29.×035008019 

Image result for legend of zelda link's awakening dungeons level 5

Video Game Project 3

The Zelda game became very addicting very fast and I am enjoying this game more and more. In the game, there is this wise old owl that gives you directions to the maze and once you are in the maze, you have to find a treasure chest that held a gold beak. I had to then find the statue of the owl that is in every maze and place the beak on it and the owl tells you how to defeat the boss at the end of the level, but it is phrased in a riddle that really makes you think. There was also this puzzle in one of the dungeons where you had to hit some stones to make them all one color and it took some trial and error until I was finally able to figure it out. There were sometimes that I admit that I was so stumped that I had to look it up online. I feel like this connects with teaching though as it is okay to ask for help when you are not understanding a problem as teachers are there to guide you. In the video game, you get to make your own decisions when it comes to interacting with the characters. Along the way, as you control Link, you pick up things and trade them among the other villagers. You choose to interact with them and sometimes, you get something in return that helps you in the long run with the dungeons. By choosing to interact with these characters, you are able to face the dungeons easier. I also read online that there are secret missions throughout the game that won’t affect the whole outcome but is just fun for the player to explore. You have to choose what adventure you want to focus on in this game.

Image result for legend of zelda link's awakening

Video Game Project 2

I continued with the Zelda video game and it only got even harder to put down. I was able to face my first dungeon which are the real challenges of the game. This video game made me think very hard on how I was going to navigate through the maze while facing monsters around every corner. The dungeons were intended for you to find keys which opened locked doors in the maze until you reached the final boss of the level. There were many different types of rooms that really made you think about what your next step should be. For example, for one boss, you had to wait until it opened its eye to shoot it with your bow and arrow until it died, and you could complete the puzzle. In a different dungeon, you had to use bombs to stun the skeleton so you can run around it and not get hurt. It took me several tries to figure out the secret of the puzzle and how to defeat the villain. It really was not easy but once I was able to defeat the boss, everything was worth it because I knew I figured it out. 

Image result for legend of zelda link's awakening dungeons

Image result for legend of zelda link's awakening dungeons

Video Game Project 1

For this project, I have decided to start playing Zelda: Link’s Awakening on the Nintendo Switch. I knew that going into this assignment that there was going to be many challenges along the way. The two that I knew going in for sure was that I had no clue how to work a Switch and I had a record of being very bad at video games. Still, I went in with an open mind. I was able to figure out how to navigate the Switch pretty easily and soon began enjoying the game. The game begins with you playing as Link, the main protagonist of the Legend of Zelda series. You wake up on a beach and are told that your presence has brought monsters and you cannot leave the island until you free the villagers. I spent a lot of time slicing plants with my sword in order to find gems that I could trade in for extra lives because I knew that I was going to need them. I found the game to be full of puzzles. You need to have hand eye coordination with the controls in order to navigate around the world. There was one particular puzzle that had you rearrange rocks to get through a maze that probably cost me 20 minuets of my life that I will never get back. That’s also not counting the many times I died meeting the monsters that was in the maze with me. I had to physically step away from the game after 45 minuets to do other homework because I knew that if I was not careful, I would spend all night on the Switch. I can just tell that this game is going to be full of puzzles that are going to make you think and situations that call for problem solving. I cannot wait to play again.