Storyboard Script

Storyboard Script:

            Do you ever wonder where you came from Where your ancestors came from and the reason why they came to America? Do you ever wonder about family members who have passed before you were born and what they were like? Their achievements and their failures? That is the reason why I have decided to have a project on immigration so you can find those answers. By looking at me, it is hard to determine where my ancestors came from. I look like every white girl in Ohio and there is not that distinguishes me from another person. When I looked into my ancestor, I was able to find out so much more. For example, I learned that my family immigrated from England to Canada in the early 1700s and it was not until my great grandma that my mom’s side came to settle in America. Her son, my uncle, became the mayor of a town in Michigan and I was able to find his name in one of my history textbooks! My grandmother is German, and her family moved to America and settled down in Indiana. There are some things that are unknown though and that is okay. Sometimes legends are passed down through generations and it is hard to find answers. These legends are still fun as it brings people together. There is a story that 10 Downing Street, where the British Prime Minister lives is named after one of my ancestors. Now whether or not I find any information that confirms that is still up in the air, but it is a mystery that makes me want to figure out more about my family! Let’s see what we can figure out about yours!

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