Tracing Family Back Through the Roots

The title of this assignment is “Tracing family back through the roots” and it is a family tree project for my 10thgrade, American history classroom. This project will focus on immigration and will be taught during the immigration lesson. I want my students to use any knowledge they have available to find as much information about their family and present it to the class. The class is split evenly of 10 males and 10 females. There are 7 person of color which includes 3 black students, 3 Hispanic and 1 Native American. I want my students to use websites such as to find out the information needed for the project. If a family member immigrated to the United States during the influx of immigration during the early 1900s, I want them to research why their family came and what was happening in their home country to make them leave. This will be able to happen due to the use of iPads that each student has and how they want to digitally present the project is up to them. Programs like PowerPoint, Pixon and WeVideos are good examples of what type of presentations they could do. Digital storytelling fits into this lesson of explaining where our students’ ancestors came from and the circumstances that made them come to America. Then they can all share their research and learn about their classmates ancestorial homes. This will fit into the standard SS11.11 about immigration and how it transformed American life. The most important objective of this is to learn where their ancestors came from. Students will be able to express where they came from and the circumstances that made them leave and to explain how their family integrated into America. 

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