Video Game Project 3

The Zelda game became very addicting very fast and I am enjoying this game more and more. In the game, there is this wise old owl that gives you directions to the maze and once you are in the maze, you have to find a treasure chest that held a gold beak. I had to then find the statue of the owl that is in every maze and place the beak on it and the owl tells you how to defeat the boss at the end of the level, but it is phrased in a riddle that really makes you think. There was also this puzzle in one of the dungeons where you had to hit some stones to make them all one color and it took some trial and error until I was finally able to figure it out. There were sometimes that I admit that I was so stumped that I had to look it up online. I feel like this connects with teaching though as it is okay to ask for help when you are not understanding a problem as teachers are there to guide you. In the video game, you get to make your own decisions when it comes to interacting with the characters. Along the way, as you control Link, you pick up things and trade them among the other villagers. You choose to interact with them and sometimes, you get something in return that helps you in the long run with the dungeons. By choosing to interact with these characters, you are able to face the dungeons easier. I also read online that there are secret missions throughout the game that won’t affect the whole outcome but is just fun for the player to explore. You have to choose what adventure you want to focus on in this game.

Image result for legend of zelda link's awakening

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