Learning Experience 3

The reading we read for class was about the importance of cultural relevance in schools and how we need to incorporate it more into our classrooms. Through the readings, we learned that cultural relevance is bringing culture into the classroom but not cramming it into it. The reading emphasized the need for classroom to talk about events that are relevant to the students and their culture and to incorporate different cultures into the classrooms.  My learning community choose to emphasize how we could incorporate cultural relevance into all of the subjects. While brainstorming, my group each decided to focus on an area of expertise and work in finding different examples of how we could use cultural relevance in our classrooms. We chose to emphasize cultural relevance in the classroom because all of us are becoming teachers and we wanted to practice cultural relevance before we were out in the field doing it for real and actually teaching a variety of students. To design the learning experience, we all met in my room to figure out how we would make this week’s presentation interesting while still getting the point across. We decided on talking about subjects we were knowledgeable about and come up with ideas and activities that were backed up by the reading. My contribution to the design was coming up with “Story time with Shutkins” and by thinking about what activities we should do with our small groups. We decided on “Story time with Shutkins” because when we had a meeting with him, he told us that he was a resource that has yet been used by any of the groups and I believe that all of us had a moment of realization that using our teacher was a valuable resource and we felt stupid that we did not think of that before. So for “Story time with Shutkins” we decided to have him tell us a story and I came up with the idea of not telling him beforehand so he would really have to think about the story he would tell us. My responsibility during the learning experience in class was to talk about art and my expertise with it. I am the daughter of a photographer and potter and I am skilled in writing novels so I felt like I was the most qualified person. During the small groups, we talked about how to change up the art by doing projects about cultures that relate to the students instead of what art classes normally teach. I talked about how classes could do a project that involved the students doing art that comes from their heritage and having the students be more involved in what art they choose to do. By doing this, the students feel more in touch with their culture and their heritage. I feel like art is the true place students can express their heritage and it is a safe place where they can really feel connected to their ancestors. 


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