Current Connection 2

This week assigned reading was called “But I’m not Gay” What straight teachers need to know about Queer Theoryby Elizabeth Meyer. In this article, the subject if queer theory is introduced and what queer theory means to different people. The article explores the common misunderstandings and hardships LGBTQ+ have to face on a day to day basis and the effects that it has on people. The article talks about how LGBTQ+ have to face different issues in school, on top of bullying and harassment. It talks about how damaging stereotypes can be and how schools are not doing a lot to change the situation that is going on. The article continues by talking about how children learn these stereotypes and learn how to judge others at a young age through their family and their peers. By ignoring all of the issues that these people have to face, we are not teaching acceptance but intolerance. By not addressing the issues, people are afraid to talk about what is present in society and instead choose to be afraid of something that is easy to understand. That is why I chose my article by Terry Reed called It’s still not easy being a trans child. This is what schools can do to help. I feel like transgender in society is still a sore topic to dicuss in todays culture because people do not know how to react to them. People are afraid of them or afraid they will offend them so instead of being polite and asking questions, people chose not to talk to them. This article addresses the problems trans students have to go through and the problems that they face that are not exactly physical. Trans students go through hormone changes and what is mostly a second puberty, as well as the other changes. This article talks about what schools can do to help trans students feel more comfortable and feel like they belong there. For example, the author addresses the issue of bathrooms and the extra anxiety they add to trans students. Being forced to use the bathroom of the gender that you don’t identify as would be traumatizing and humiliating, yet trans students are forced to endure that abuse on a day to day basis. To me, this article is very eye opening on issues that are not talked about as often as they should. I’m lucky to say that knowing which bathroom to go into has never been an issue to me and I am saddened by the fact that it is an issue to a lot of people. This article does a very good job of conveying the message that so many people are afraid to talk about. People are afraid to talk about because they do not have the resources necessary to learn about it and I believe that this article is a great start into just the surface of the challenges that trans people have to face and do face bravely daily. 

Reed, Terry. “It’s Still Not Easy Being a Trans Child. This Is What Schools Can Do to Help |

Terry Reed.” The Guardian, Guardian News and Media, 5 June 2017,

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