LC 1: Project 1

The reading my group had to present was about what are schools for anyways? With the reading, we were able to decide that schools were not just a place for kids to go for eight hours a day to keep out of trouble, nor is it a place just dedicated to learning math and science and English. We discovered that schools were also there to teach kids about important issues that are happening throughout the world and to help students decide what they wanted to do with their lives. We as a group focused on five main points. We addressed neutrality, being productive members of a civil society, equal education opportunities, schools alleviating social problems, and school’s role in U.S. economic health and global competitiveness. We decided on these five points because they were heavily mentioned in the text and we believed that they held more of an issue in today’s society. For example, the topic of equal opportunities is a heavy issue that schools still battle today with few advantages. In our presentation, we were able to mention personal connections to this point and the class was able to draw stories from their own life too. Our topics that we choose where meant to be engaging and to make our classmates think about their own school experience and how they fit in with what we were saying. For our learning experience, we knew that we wanted to be interesting and lecturing our peers was not the way to go. We wanted to get the class involved with their beliefs and how they view school and the reasoning behind it. That is why we took a poll in the beginning to see exactly what our classmates thought about school. LC 1 wanted to hear our classmates thoughts and not impose our own thoughts on them because not everyone shares the same beliefs. My contribution to the design of the learning experience was writing about the topic of equal education opportunities and I wanted to do that topic because I know first hand what it is like to be a student who needs accommodations and the hoops I had to jump through to get what I needed. I helped come up with the way we were going to present by having one person talk about what they wrote about and then leading the group discussion afterwards. I took on the responsibility of letting my teammates know that we needed to move on to the next topic due to time and made sure we were still on track when presenting. I also shared my own views during the presentation when we were discussing with our small groups. We only used the text we were given for our learning experience because we found everything that we needed in the text. The text was so detailed that we were able to understand everything it was telling us. The only thing we really used the internet for was to find pictures and to set up the polls for the group discussions.

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