About Me!

  1. What name do you prefer to be called? Do you have preferred pronouns? I prefer to be called Anna and my pronouns are she/her
  2. Hometown and photograph of you (inserted in your blog so we can connect you with your name). I’m from Columbus, OH and feel free to see the giant photo of myself that I just can’t seem to fix. Don’t mind my red eyes. Flash photography can be both good and bad.
  3. Grade level and subject(s) that you want to teach. I want to teach high school history because I love history and I am not the best when it comes to little kids.
  4. What are you into; what makes you special? Share a few “unique” aspects about yourself that would help our classroom community get to know you a bit more. Are you on an athletic team? Sing in the choir?  Are you trying out for a play? Painting? What are you planning on doing this semester in your life that is noteworthy? I do love to sing and I am naturally dramatic so I might join theater. I am thinking of joining Greek Life. What makes me special is my sense of detecting emotions. I am always the first to know when someone is upset and I believe that certain trait will help me become a good teacher.
  5. I want to know what matters most to you.  To this end, please share with the class an essay that is essential to your interests. (Include the reference/link to the essay [chapter, article, website] and a few sentences about its significance to you). Empathy and being there for others matters the most for me. A link to a good essay is posted here: https://mike-robbins.com/the-power-of-empathy/ why this is significant to me is because it shows people how to build their empathy skills and it helps them get into the right frame of mind to help people. Most people are afraid to use their empathy skills because they are not versed in how to use them correctly that is beneficial to the recipient.
  6. Which course-approved service activity did you enroll in through CSSA’s registration website?  I enrolled in the Thomas Jefferson International Newcomers Academy Mentoring because I wanted to get some teaching skills under my belt before I start student teaching and I also was intrigued by the fact that this site helps immigrants with their studies.

7. Being as specific as you can, what must be in place for you to feel comfortable taking intellectual and creative risks in a college classroom? what must be in place for me is the notion that it is okay to have different opinions then your peers and you are in a safe place to talk about things. Also to feel comfortable, the teacher needs to be on board with the plans I am making for myself in the future and not try to get me to change my ideas and beliefs.

8. Please discuss what are, for you, some significant issues or concerning the field of education right now. For me, the most pressing issue concerning the field of education is the separation between public and private schools. Private schools get much more funding and opportunities than the public schools and there is a separation between the social classes. People with a lower income should have the same opportunity to get a good education like the people with higher incomes do. The location and type of school should not be the deciding factor for how well the school preforms and what type of funding they receive.

9. Write down a question or two that you would like to ask me about myself or the class. What made you want to become a teacher?

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